Recent blog posts

Beginner Series

The concept of making your own skincare can seem challenging, terrifying, and exciting all at one. I’ve prepared a few guides to ease your journey into this new creative, scientific world.

  • Guidelines to making skincare – an outline of all the basic rules to follow to ensure your products are safe and effective.
  • Preservatives – the essential guide to preservatives, why you need them, and how to pick one. 
  • Easy Project Ideas – skincare products you can make to ease you in to cosmetic formulation. 

Business Series

If you’re an experienced formulator and would love to share your cosmetics with the world, turn your hobby into a business, and make some profit while you’re at it, read these:

  • The cons of selling skincare – be prepared for the potential short falls of selling your products. If you have planned for each of these factors, you are sure to succeed. 

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