Rejuvenating Rose Mask

This recipe is one I have been making for a while and is a regular on my cosmetic shelf. It is a dry mask mix which makes it completely adaptable to what your skin needs. Suffering from dry scaly winter skin? Mix it with some honey or your favourite facial lotion for a hydrating touch. On the other hand, has summer made your skin oily and congested? Try mixing with some witch hazel or coconut vinegar for a clarifying mask. Dry mixes have got you covered!

Dry mix masks are literally the easiest thing you can DIY. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just some digital scales, a spoon, and a bowl. Ingredients wise they are simple, as they contain no water or oil phase specifically, just dry powders. As such, no preservative is needed because you are not adding in any liquid.

This mask is a super simple blend of Australian pink and yellow clay which are selected for being gentle, soothing clays that are suitable for mature or normal skin. To the mix we add a blend of antioxidant rich powdered extracts – these are water soluble so once the mask has been mixed with the desired medium they will be activated.


Rejuvenating Rose Mask


  • 74.6% Australian Pink Clay
  • 25% Yellow Clay
  • .1% Calendula Extract (Powdered concentrate – equals to 4.5% once diluted)
  • .1% Chamomile Extract (Powdered concentrate)
  • .1% Hibiscus Extract (Powdered concentrate)
  • .1% Rosehip Extract

For an easy 100g, just read the % symbols as grams and make away! If you would like to create a larger or smaller batch, or convert it into a different measurement, use this batch calculator.


I find a 100g batch typically fills 2 and a bit 50g jars.


  1. Prepare and sanitize your area.
  2. Measure all ingredients into a bowl. A jewelry scale that goes up to 0.01 such as those you can buy on ebay for $10 or less will work well for the extracts.
  3. With a spoon gently combine the powders. Little pockets of clay can hide so you need to gently stir around and ensure you combine well.
  4. Voila! If you would like to add a fragrance you can do so by blending a small amount of corn starch and essential/fragrance oils in a coffee grinder, and adding the fragranced powder into the mask.

To use, combine the powder with your medium of choice and apply! When mixing with something like yogurt, I generally only use 1 tsp to 1/2 tbsp of product, but when mixing with water you will need more like 1 tbsp. It all takes experimentation.

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