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Beginner DIY Skincare Project Ideas

It can be tempting to jump right into the deep end, but before you do, here’s some beginner DIY skincare project ideas to get you started. Beginner DIY Skincare Project Ideas Start Dry There is an immense amount of oils, hydrosols and preservatives out there, so as a beginner, the easiest thing you can do […]

A Beginners Guide

When you are beginning to learn about the world of DIY skincare, it can feel quite overwhelming. While all hobbies can have a steep learning curve, making cosmetics can have a slightly steeper curve than othersĀ as it involves bits and pieces from a broad range of skills. If you are experienced in mathematics, chemistry, cooking, […]

How to Pick a Preservative

Picking which preservative to use is one of the hardest choices to make when crafting a formula, for both seasoned formulators and newbie DIYers… One of the most common questions asked in skincare forums and groups is the classic “what preservative should I use for this product?” question. Unfortunately though there is no easy answer […]