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Bush Honey Cream Cleanser

Please excuse the subpar photo, it’s a fairly old one and I never retained the original.   Back when I had KS Skincare up and running, I made a men’s line which included this Australian inspired cream cleanser. Though it was intended for men, it became a hit with everyone. Great for both dry and […]

‘Jasmine and the Bees’ Rich Hand Cream

Since I started working at the local grocery store, I’ve been suffering from seriously dry hands. I’m not sure if it’s the cash handling or the multitude of cleaning products my hands come into contact with, but I am left with hands so dry it feels like they will tear. I decided it was about […]

How to Pick a Preservative

Picking which preservative to use is one of the hardest choices to make when crafting a formula, for both seasoned formulators and newbie DIYers… One of the most common questions asked in skincare forums and groups is the classic “what preservative should I use for this product?” question. Unfortunately though there is no easy answer […]

Rejuvenating Rose Mask

This recipe is one I have been making for a while and is a regular on my cosmetic shelf. It is a dry mask mix which makes it completely adaptable to what your skin needs. Suffering from dry scaly winter skin? Mix it with some honey or your favourite facial lotion for a hydrating touch. […]

Summer Dreams Face Cream

In Australia the weather is finally starting to heat up. It’s been a cold, rainy winter for us Tasmanian’s, so I’ve been enjoying the change in temperature and bluer sky. The one downside to the increase in sunny weather though is sun damage! This is especially relevant down here, as due to Tasmania’s location we […]