Are you wanting to find the best places to buy all your DIY ingredients? Below I have compiled a list of suppliers for your perusal. Please note that my experiences and feedback on these suppliers is completely subjective.

Australian Suppliers

Aussie Soap Supplies:

To me Aussie Soap Supplies is the epitome of trust worthy. They only stock ingredients they know and love, and that they feel you can rely on. Additionally, they have a nice range of stock, including the widest variety of popular surfactants I have seen out of the Australian suppliers. Their prices are reasonable, and they have prompt, fast service that you can rely on. When your order does arrive, everything is packed nicely, in good packaging with no leaks. This is a must for me. They are a regular for me when I run out of an important ingredient that I need quickly. While they do not have everything I need, preventing me from relying on them 100%, they have everything someone new to DIY would need. I can find their minimum order of $40 frustrating for quick top ups, but I don’t think a minimum order is unreasonable. 

New Directions:

Another regular of mine. They have one of the largest varieties of stock I have seen, including some of the schmancier more expensive cosmeceuticals. Their service is professional and shipping fast. Similar to Aussie Soap Supplies, they pack everything well with no leaks or problems on arrival. If that’s not enough, they almost always include a sample in your order which is always a lovely surprise. They also have an amazing group on facebook where staff regularly visit to answer any questions you may have. Their staff are friendly, responsive, and incredibly well educated.

Escentials of Australia:

These guys have some specialty ingredients I just can’t find anywhere else. Scrolling through their store is a delight and I could easily write you a checklist of everything on there I want to buy. They also have some of the best prices I have seen out of the Australian suppliers. They are a small company which I think prevents them from responding and shipping quite as quickly as other companies, but they have friendly service that makes up for it.



An ebay seller that I occasionally purchase from. They have a great range of smaller sized products at cheap prices, which I find helpful when I just want to try a very small amount of an ingredient. They are especially great for buying small quantities of typically expensive ingredients that go far.

These are definitely not all of the Australian suppliers, just some of my favourites. Below I will include a list of Australian suppliers I have either not tried, or only tried once so cannot leave them a proper review.


For the international suppliers listed below I am unable to leave feedback as I have not purchased from them (minus Mystic Moments). But I am sure soon enough you will find your own favourites. Keep in mind that some of these suppliers may ship internationally.

The United States 


Another ebay seller with a wide range of products. I have purchased a few times from them, and am always impressed by their dedication to safe shipping packaging and fast dispatch. Well worth a looksie as they have some ingredients that are difficult to purchase in Australia. 

New Zealand

  • GoNative
  • The majority of the Australian suppliers also ship to New Zealand.